Message from the Chair

The Department of Criminal Justice provides a broad range of courses to provide students with a comprehensive and solid background for entering into criminal justice. The department offers courses examining: 1) law enforcement, 2) corrections, 3) courts, and 4) various aspects of crime including gangs, drugs, white collar crime, and criminal profiling. Our curriculum is designed to meet student’s needs irrespective of their career aspirations.

The department has a highly qualified faculty that is nationally recognized. They received doctorates from the most prestigious programs in the field. Faculty members have published over 20 books examining all aspects of criminal justice and crime. They consistently publish in leading journals reporting on cutting-edge research. We also are working with a number of criminal justice agencies in the region and nationally including the. Riverside Probation Department, San Bernardino Probation Department, San Bernardino Police Department, Ontario Police Department, Fontana Police Department, Colton Police Department, and San Bernardino County Police Chiefs and Sheriff’s Association.

Faculty members have examined criminal justice topics such as juvenile crime reduction programming, police response to burglar alarms, domestic violence reduction programs, and broken windows policing. The department operates two research centers: the Criminal Justice Research Center and the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism. Faculty members are able to provide students with an understanding or criminal justice theory and practice.

The Criminal Justice Department offers an excellent learning environment. In addition to a Bachelor of Arts degree, the department offers a Master of Arts in criminal justice. The MA degree is offered on-line, and we currently have students as far away as New York enrolled in the program. Our comprehensive curriculum provides students with excellent opportunities. Come here, go anywhere.

Larry K. Gaines, Ph.D., Chair