Brian Levin

  • Professor


  • J.D. - Stanford University

Statement of Professional Engagement:

Criminologist and civil rights attorney Brian Levin is a professor of criminal justice and Director of the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino where he specializes in analysis of hate crime, terrorism and legal issues.

Previously, Professor Levin served as Associate Director-Legal Affairs of the Southern Poverty Law Center's Klanwatch/Militia Task Force in Montgomery, Alabama; Legal Director of the Center for the Study of Ethnic and Racial Violence in Newport Beach, Ca. and as a corporate litigator for the law firm of Irell & Manella. He was also a New York City Police Officer in the Harlem and Washington Heights sections of Manhattan during the crack wars of the 1980s.

Prof. Levin began his academic career as an associate professor at Stockton College in New Jersey in 1996. Mr. Levin is a graduate of Stanford Law School, where he was awarded the Block Civil Liberties Award for his work on hate crime. He is a member of the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States and the state of California.

He is the author or co-author and editor of books, scholarly articles, training manuals and studies on extremism and hate crime. He was also the author of briefs in the Supreme Court case of Wisconsin v. Mitchell in 1992-3, where he analyzed criminological data establishing hate crime's severity. His book, the Limits of Dissent is about the Constitution and domestic terrorism. His research has been cited by The California Court of Appeals and in numerous scholarly journals and major law reviews.

Prof. Levin has testified before both houses of Congress, the US Commission on Civil Rights and various state legislatures on hate and terrorism. He has presented instruction and/or advised the Federal Bureau of Investigation, US Department of Justice, Treasury Dept., U.S. Customs, American Bar Association, American Prosecutor's Research Institute, National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council, National Bar Association, National College of District Attorneys, National District Attorneys Association, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, International Association of Chiefs of Police and numerous police departments, colleges, universities and human rights organizations.

Mr. Levin is a court certified expert on extremism in the United States and England. He has appeared on every network and cable television evening news broadcast and various network magazine shows on the subjects of extremism, civil rights and criminal law. He has also appeared in every major American newspaper, newsmagazine and wire service as well as four other continents.

In 2003, Professor Levin was selected to research terrorism for both a Hispanic Serving Institution fellowship from the United States Department of Agriculture and as a Visiting Scholar with the FBI Academy's Behavioral Science Unit in Quantico, Virginia. Professor Levin was named Outstanding Faculty member by the College of Extended Learning and wa co-recipient of the University's Diversity Award in 2005. In 2005 Professor Levin was invited by the Metropolitan Police to make a presentation on hate crime in London and by the National Academies to make a presentation on terrorism at an international conference in Helsinki.

Professional Specialties:

  • Counter-Terrorism (Domestic and International)
  • Hate Crime
  • Constitutional and Criminal Law

Selected Publications:

Levin, Brian (Ed.) Hate Crime: Understanding and Defining Hate Crime, Routledge, 2010.

Levin, Brian. Introduction, in American Armageddon, Peanut Butter Press, 1998.

Levin, Brian, (1997), A False Dilemma: Civil Rights v. Civil Liberties, (book chapter ) in The Second American Revolution, Peanut Butter Press.

Levin, Brian, (1997), The Patriot Movement: Past, Present and Future, (book chapter) in The Future of Terrorism, Sage Publications, 1997.

Halpern, Tom & Levin, Brian, (1996) The Limits of Dissent: The Constitutional Status of Armed Civilian Militia, Aletheia Press.

Scholarly Articles:

Levin, Brian and Amster, Sara-Ellen, (2003) An Analysis of the Legal Issues Relating to the Prevention of Nuclear and Radiological Terrorism, American Behavioral Scientist, 46(6).

Levin, Brian, (2003) Precarious Balance Between Civil Liberties and National Security: A Historical Perspective, Humboldt Journal of Social Relations, 27(2).

Levin, B. (2002) From Slavery to Hate Crime Laws: The Emergence of Race and Status-Based Protection in American Criminal Law, Journal of Social Issues 58(2).

Levin, B. (2002) The Vindication of Hate Violence Victims Via Criminal and Civil Adjudications. Journal of Hate Studies 1(1).

Levin, B. (2002) Cyberhate: A Legal and Historical Analysis of Extremists' Use of Computer Networks, American Behaviorial Scientist, 45(6): 958-986.

Levin, B. (2001) Hate & The Constitution: How the Law's Evolution Affects Our Response to Modern Right Wing Extremism, American Behavioral Scientist, 46(6).

Levin, B.(2001) History as a Weapon, How Extremists Deny the Holocaust in North America, American Behavioral Scientist, 44(6).

Levin, B. (1999) Hate Crimes: Worse By Design, Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 15(1).

Levin, B. (1999) Sticks and Stones: The Nexus Between Hate Speech and Violence Symposium, Fordham Urban Law Journal, 27:390-398.

Levin, B. (1994) A Matter of National Concern: The Federal Law's Failure to Protect Individuals from Discriminatory Violence, Journal of Intergroup Relations, 21.

Levin, B. & Wesiburd, S. (1994) On the Basis of Sex: Recognizing Gender Based Bias Crimes, Stan. Law & Pol'y Rev. 5:21.

Levin, B. (1993) A Dream Deferred, J. of Intergroup Relations 20.

Levin, B. (1992-1993) Bias Crimes: A Theoretical & Practical Overview, Stan. Law & Pol'y Rev. 4:165.

Affiliations, Associations, Consultations:

  • Bar, Supreme Court of the United States
  • Bar, State of California
  • California Association of Human Relations Organizations, Board Member
  • Gonzaga University Institute for Action Against Hate, Board Member
  • Western Inland Empire Coalition Against Hate, Board Member
  • San Bernardino/Riverside Terrorism Early Warning Group
  • Email:
  • Office Location: Social Behavioral Sciences (SB) 209C
  • Phone: 909-537-7711