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Criminal Justice Club (CJC)

California State University Criminal Justice Club LogoThe Criminal Justice Club (CJC) is a relatively new student organization affiliated with the Department of Criminal Justice at CSUSB. The CJC became an official campus organization in September 2002 after their charter was approved. The CJC participates in a wide range of activities that relate to various aspects of criminal justice and law. Some of the primary goals of CJC are: to promote strong ties between local agencies and CSUSB, to help members prepare for future careers in the criminal justice/legal field, to sponsor events and demonstrations that inform the campus community about local crime issues, and to make available to students any information about career opportunities in the justice system. Most importantly, the CJC is meant to be a forum for students to discuss and learn about criminal justice topics that interest them.

One of the more notable recent club events involved seventeen members of the CJC taking a four-day trip to San Francisco, during which they toured Alcatraz. Highly successful fundraising drives run by the CJC enabled the club to pay the vast majority of expenses for this trip. Another recent highlight was winning one of the top five university awards given annually for outstanding student leadership. Specifically, the CJC co-hosted an event in Spring Term 2005 which earned the Excellence in Alcohol Awareness Programming Award.

A recent CJC-sponsored event was a Weapon's Demonstration by the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department. Many of our members participated and it surely was a success. The officers allowed club members to shoot a wide variety of weapons, ranging from less-than-lethal "bean bag" shotguns to fully-automatic weapons. The CJC has toured over a dozen incarcerative facilities, such as CYA and Federal institutions, and we toured Patton State Hospital which is the largest facility for the criminally insane in California. We plan to go on approximately ten such tours this coming year.

As a new organization, we can always use people with innovative ideas and passion for the field. The Club is still in the early formative stage, so members have the benefit of developing the club to suit their interests.

The CJC currently has over 100 members from a variety of disciplines and we would love to see more. The only requirement for members is that he/she be currently enrolled as a CSUSB student (part-time or full-time; undergraduate or graduate). All current students that have an interest in criminal justice are welcome!!!

If you would like more information on the Criminal Justice Club, please contact Dr. Alex Norris at

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Professional Organizations

Criminal Justice faculty belong to several different academic organizations. These organizations foster and contribute to research in criminal justice, criminal justice policy analysis, and the interchange of the latest information in the field. Students are encouraged to join these organizations. For more information about these organizations, please visit the websites listed below.

American Society of Criminology (ASC)
Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS)
Association for Criminal Justice Research of California (ACJRC)
Western and Pacific Association of Criminal Justice Educators (WPACJE)