Strategic Plan

Vision Statement

The Criminal Justice Department will concentrate its efforts in improving its capacity and delivery of instruction, research products, and services to the university and larger community. The Department will actively seek and engage in partnerships to facilitate this mission.

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1. Become a department which excels in creating, applying and exchanging knowledge at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Objective 1.1: Develop a curricula which provides our students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform successfully in the criminal justice system


1.1.1 Periodically evaluate the curricula to determine its applicability to the field and its effectiveness in fostering learning

1.1.2 Appoint and periodically convene an advisory board for the purpose of evaluating curricula and providing feedback

1.1.3 Investigate the potential utilizing other courses within the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences within criminal justice curricula to create an interdisciplinary focus on learning

1.1.4 Recognize students as consumers of education and accordingly solicit their input relative to program performance

Objective 1.2: Engage in enhanced academic and continuing education program delivery within the service area


1.2.1 Develop a partnership with the Coachella Valley staff for the purpose of providing criminal justice academic programming in that part of the University's area

1.2.2 Investigate the potential for cooperative relationships with criminal justice agencies for the purpose of providing academic and continuing education programs

1.2.3 Pursue distance learning in an effort to service site-bound students in the university's service area

Objective 1.3: Develop a faculty which is capable of maximizing its teaching effectiveness


1.3.1 Encourage faculty to adopt a variety of teaching styles which actively engage students in learning

Goal 2. Enhance teaching and the level of knowledge within the field by engaging in scholarly research.

Objective 2.1: Ensure that faculty have adequate resources by which to conduct scholarly research


2.1.1 Poll faculty relative to software, hardware, and student assistant needs and make appropriate requests within the university

2.1.2 Investigate linkages between criminal justice faculty and other departments within the university community as well as exploring community partnerships in an effort to acquire necessary research resources

2.1.3 Facilitate faculty's efforts in pursuing internal and extramural funding for research

Objective 2.2: Provide untenured faculty with proper guidance and mentoring in an effort to ensure that they are able to meet university, school, and departmental research expectations


2.2.1 Appoint tenured faculty members as mentors for untenured faculty

2.2.2 When departmental faculty are unable to mentor junior faculty on specialized areas, work with chairs and faculty in other departments in providing faculty with assistance

Goal 3. Cultivate community partnerships which enhance the quality of life in the university's service area.

Objective 3.1: Encourage faculty to work with criminal agencies and other constituencies within the community


3.1.1 Develop and staff a criminal justice research center which assists in identifying potential community partnerships

3.1.2 Encourage faculty to engage criminal justice leaders and personnel in research and service projects

Objective 3.2: Ensure that the department of criminal justice is culturally diverse


3.2.1 Make efforts to attract a student body which is representative of the larger community

3.2.2 Attempt to attract a culturally diverse faculty to serve the department and community