Independent Study


In order to register an independent study, students need to talk to a faculty member who is willing to supervise the student's project. The student may work with any faculty member in the Criminal Justice Department. The student will discuss the nature and the extent of the project and professor expectations. Once this is agreed upon, the student will complete and sign an Independent Study or Directed Studies form, have the faculty member sign the form, and then submit it to the Departmental Secretary.


CJUS 595: Independent Study

Indepth research into special topics concerned with the criminal justice system utilizing readings, library and/or field research. May be repeated for credit for a total of eight units; only four may be used in the major. Prerequisites: a minimum overall grade point average of 3.0, consent of instructor and department chair's approval of a written proposal of a project submitted on a standard application filed in advance of quarter in which the course is to be taken. (Credit to be arranged: 1 to 4 units)

CJUS 650: Directed Area Studies in Criminal Justice

Advanced study in a specific area selected by the student with the approval of the student's committee. Prerequisites: consent of instructor (1-4 units). For more information, contact Dr. Andrea Schoepfer, Graduate Coordinator, (909)537-7741 or by email:

Independent Study Contract Form

You may get this form from the Criminal Justice office, or print the form from this web page by clicking Contract Form