Majors & Programs

A system of criminal justice must meet the needs of each citizen as well as the needs of complex social, economic and governmental institutions. The Bachelor of Arts degree program in criminal justice was developed with these needs in mind and is appropriate for both career-bound preservice students and inservice personnel in law enforcement, probation, parole, corrections, social service agencies and related areas.

The criminal justice major is an interdisciplinary program with enough flexibility to permit students to pursue their own interests. For example, students wishing to emphasize law enforcement may select appropriate courses within the major. Students directed toward probation, parole or corrections work are advised to select courses accordingly.

The Master of Arts in Criminal Justice is designed to serve the growing number of individuals interested in furthering their education in criminal justice. Most of our required courses are offered online to accommodate various student schedules, whereas many of our elective courses are held in the classroom. The MA degree can be completed fully online or with a combination of online and classroom courses.